Lolitafashion pictures!

Sorry !
I’m in trouble to show you my pictures as I expected.
I deleted my pictures (my face) because it’s very dangerous for me.
Please understand me !
My fashion is not for you, I’m wearing my dresses for me only , as same as you!
I’m not glad , Your imagination of Japanese cultures are exactly fake , Japanese guide books and TV Shows are not true!!
They are fake all ! You must ask real Japanese people in Japan, your questions and their answers are deference according to people.
I’m not happy that you take a picture and shoot videos of me, I’m glad that you just say Cute,Pretty,kawaii to me.

I bought a Pink dress at Angelic Pretty.
I bought a white blouse at Alice and the pirates.
I bought a pair of socks at Maximum.

I bought a purple dresses at Angelic Pretty but I didn’t know that it was infringement of copyright of Disney ‘s Cinderella castle!
I can’t wear this dress at Disney parks again......!
But I like this dress still.
I told about it at The Walt Disney Company in USA before.
I have to refuse to take a picture of me and this dress.
I hope you could understand me.

And I’m making more, please wait for another dresses!
Please look forward to my photos!
Thank you.

(C)pirates cats 2018 may 25th

Sincerely yours, Pirates Cats

Mickey doesn’t have a portrait right but Mickey has copyright (╹◡╹)

All of my Lolitafashion will lead to personal information , I won’t attach my all lolitafashion.
You don’t have an ownership of my all Lolitafashion, I have an ownership all of my Lolitafashion.
It’s dangerous to release and show you some of my Lolitafashion on internet without your reply because we don’t know ourselves each other as same as a best friend.
You have to think of You’ll never be able to see sold out dresses at the store already , it’s same situation.
I can’t show you my dress which you were very Pleased at all. I have to doubt the unknown internet world!
If you want to see more Lolitafashion, you should look for some shops in Japan.
I’m showing a dream of Lolitafashion world and my art world and I don’t want to break my dream world.
Please understand me, Thank you.

Angelic Pretty infringed copyright of Disney many times, I didn’t know they were fake pictures and I bought a dress.

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You must tell me your nationality,blog,and introduce yourself.
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I want to know why you like my Lolitafashion and pictures.