Hello♡ こんにちは♡

Hello! Nice to see you! Welcome to Japan ! (*^o^*)♡

Thank you so much to ask me to take a picture this time.
I would like to tell you about my Lolitafashion and my portrait right so Please understand me♡

日本語版 ご案内

Where are you from?
What is your purpose to visit Japan?
Where did you go?
Do you miss your home and family?
Did you have any problems in Japan?
Do you eat foods everyday? Did you like them?
Most of Japanese people can’t speak English, so sorry, but some people can speak English very well compared to me!
I really wish you could enjoy Japan safety and people could help you when you are in trouble in our country!
I wish you could have many good memories with a lot of happiness anytime and you’ll like Japan more than before!
Please don’t be lonely if you are alone or with someone, I went abroad alone before too, I understand your feelings when you visit another country!
(╹◡╹) Please go to your favorite places and be happy!

I want you to stay in Japan safety without any problems with people also after you go back to your country, I would like to tell you a little bit of Japan and people.

First, I like Japanese Lolitafashion. I have some dresses of Innocent world, Angelic Pretty, Baby the stars shine bright, Alice and the pirates, Body line, they’re names of Japanese Lolitafashion shop.
I like sweet Lolitafashion, princess Lolitafashion.
I don’t wear dark color gothic Lolitafashion.
I started to wear Lolitafashion before in 2017, and I wear Lolitafashion once or twice a week. One dress is very very expensive about over 20000〜over 60000 yen and really I can’t buy many dresses, head dresses, socks, shoes, etc!

Many foreigners,a little girls, women,men, family, Japanese people talked to me that “a beautiful dress!” “Can I take a picture?” “Kawaii!” “Pretty”.......(*^o^*)thanks. I’m glad.
I allowed them to take some pictures on the streets by my favor before , because I like foreigners very much and I want to speak English, but sometimes I had some problems with foreigners about my portrait right.

If unknown people took some pictures without your permission when you’re eating , drinking, walking around the street, then they left one by one , how do you feel?
And if they release your not good face on internet or somewhere without your permission, do you feel good?
I think you’ll be in trouble with people.
Same as mine, I had some same situations of that many times, Japan and foreign countries are not so safety as you imagine.
If you like Japanese people to take a picture, you should keep to be a good person and find your real Japanese friend at work and school or somewhere .
It’s not that I’m wearing Lolitafashion because I want you to take a picture and shoot videos of me, I’m really so scared of you will take a picture and shoot videos of me, you infringed my portrait right, ownership, privacy right,it’s illegal in Japan really ! Most of Lolitafashion ladies don’t like unknown people will take a picture and shoot videos of Lolitafashion ladies especially without a permission! Lolitafashion is not cosplay!
I don’t know your real name,where you live,your nationality,job,character,school,etc,
You don’t know a person who met on the street and also about me.
TV shows about Japan says only good news and culture to invite more foreigners to earn money at many restaurants, cafes, shops, trains,taxi,hotels,sightseeing places,work, study,volunteers,culture,nature,meet people,somewhere.
but Japan is not safety country as you imagine, I met really really bad people directly in Japan and abroad, no matter their nationality, and I’ve heard of bad and so sad crimes on TV and newspapers everyday,I can’t say what happened for them on my blog, anyway, we can’t hitchhike in Japan, and some TV shows about Japan are fake to invite foreigners to Japan. And you can’t read newspapers in Japanese so you don’t notice that Japan is not safety perfectly always.
I’m also very scared to allow unknown people to take a picture of me because I don’t know your real name,job,nationality,character,why you came to Japan actually, where you live,we are not real friends each other and you live in your country and I can’t understand your mother language.
To be honest I’ve ever seen many different kind of criminals live and stay in Japan , people always ask me to take a picture of me when I go out and without my permission too,so recently really I’m scared and in trouble to join unknown people because of my pictures and my lolitafashion.
I’m not famous person like an actress, a singer, a model , a movie star in Hollywood to belong to talent agency.
I must thank you if you think of me and my fashion “pretty” I’m happy really!(╹◡╹)
You look beautiful and cool too!(╹◡╹)
Before my foreign pen pal said, “I want to stay in your house when I’ll go to Japan” “please stay in my house when you’ll come to my country” but it’s very dangerous,we have never met each other yet ,just exchanged only pictures and email and letters,we met each other on internet,but it’s very dangerous as same as hitchhike, so I couldn’t invite them to my room, but finally they didn’t understand me and we never contacted each other after that , but I’m right, Japan is very dangerous as same as another country as I tell you.
Please watch American TV show Catfish. People have many problems on internet. Many people abuse another faces and photos very easily anytime.
Maybe I think foreigners believe in all Japanese people are helpful and very kind and fantastic people, but I don’t think so, sorry!
Ask unknown people to take a picture or something on the street and around the city, even famous places around the world , actually it’s very dangerous for you and us, you should stop that.
I went to the USA and some Europe but I’ve never asked and also taken a photo of unknown person’s face on the street because it’s very dangerous , I don’t know who they were really. I followed nobody on the street.
An unknown man talked to me at the neighborhood of my host family’s house when I was going to an English language college a man said “can you drive a car?” but I refused him on the street, You know why I refused him, it’s dangerous.
Japan too!
I also met many Japanese swindlers on the streets,they talked to me very kindly like an Angel, “we want to help poor and weak people and children” “would you like to work as a model?” “Would you like to change your hairstyle?” “Do you want new cosmetics?” “Help me!I’m in a big trouble and I need a lot of money but I spent all,Please give me your money over 100000yen” “I’m a police man” even job interview, “we’re court and you have to come to a courthouse and pay a lot of money” like that,but I refused them easily. I got a fake letter from a courthouse and told about it at the real police and a real policeman said “it’s a fake letter and don’t talk to them!”
I saw the newspapers about finally swindlers asks people a lot of money and they payed all, sometimes over 10000000yen!
Police won’t do that anything for them finally. Streets are very dangerous so you have to remember!
Most swindlers can’t describe in English that’s why they won’t talk to foreigners but swindlers talk to Japanese people often on the streets, on the phone , spam emails, internet, games, everywhere, and letters directly.
I went abroad for study but I took a picture of somene like my teacher, our host family, students at the same class ,people at my school only and of course I’ve never use and release their pictures on internet and somewhere.
Model and photographer are different, they work at the big talent agency for a long long time ,the boss knows coworkers and give them a job .
(╹◡╹)You should not be judge by first sight on the street and somewhere .

Some people have drugs.I’m scared of them too.

I just want to wear Lolitafashion because I love them, that’s all for me.

About a portrait right in Japan, we can’t take a picture of a person or some people without our permission.
And if someone allowed to take a picture, you cannot release and use them on internet or somewhere(╹◡╹)

We hate secret filming, infringement portrait and ownership, and nuisances.

I know you like Japanese people, I like foreigners too,but understand me.....!(╹◡╹)
Please send your life safely than before!

My another problems with people about my portrait right,
For example, unknown foreign man was going to take a picture of me without my permission when I was walking on the street, I hide my face by my umbrella, then a man was sitting down on the street and he was going to take some pictures of me without my permission again, I felt he looks a paparazzi for me, I hide my face more by my umbrella, then finally a man talked to me that “can I take a picture?” I said Yes and a man took a picture of me but he requested a pose to me but I refused “I ‘m not a model and I am not photogenic so I can’t “ then he didn’t say “thanks “ to me and he left.
I felt not good.
And I forgot to refuse to release my photos on internet to people who took some pictures of me .
my English is not good and they can’t speak Japanese language.

And another many people were going to take some pictures of me, but I have a portrait right so They can’t take a picture without a permission.

And I allowed one lady to take a picture, but another many people around her took some pictures and video of me together at the exactly same time without my permission and they left somewhere one by one.
Also I couldn’t refuse to release my photos and my face on internet to them.
I’m worried about they release my face on internet or somewhere without my permission in another country , Actually I’m scared of that.

Also I can’t make sure foreigners who took some pictures of me about “what’s up after that?” and they never reply me about how you use my pictures, if you had a same situation always, wouldn’t be worried about your pictures? I can’t make sure them after that.

We don’t belong to a big talent agency as a model and a photographer that’s one of problems of that seriously.
There’s no trust each other on the street .

Maybe I can trust my real friends, but I can’t allow unknown people to take a picture of me you know.

I’m very shy and I am not confident in my appearance.

And I’m artist, I’m in trouble if they release my face without my permission on internet.

I can’t refuse especially a little girls, kids with their family.
But I refuse all of people about my portrait right.

I have eyesight disease,I pain my eyes because of sun and UV, that’s why I have to wear sunglasses^_^
My favorite sunglasses make me cute and the best sunglasses for me.

By the way, I really like foreigners , and they finally came to Japan to waste the time and enough money, I was thinking of it. I know if I refused to take a picture of me,you’ll be disappointed with Japan, but I cannot allow that, so,,
And I made this website about my Lolitafashion for you !♡(*^o^*)

You can see many Lolitafashion ladies at the Tea Party of Lolitafashion shops.
You can see about Tea Party at Lolitafashion shop website.but you have to wear a Lolitafashion to join them too maybe.
I’m not sure each ladies will allow to take a picture of them,some real models comes.
I know 2 buildings,Lafore Harajuku and OIOI ANEX , some shops sells Lolitafashion and you can just look or buy something at the shops.
If you’re interested in Lolitafashion,Why not to visit them!
At Harajuku station and Shinjuku station in Tokyo.

I think some people are ok to take a picture but you must ask them to get a permission to take a picture of people and pet and housing,if you didn’t ask, sometimes people get very angry with you.

And if you had any problems in Japan, you should ask a real police man at the police, they can teach you how to get to a place where you’d love to go.
You can use internet at the Internet cafes.
And if you have an iPad,you can use free wifi at some cafes around the city area like Starbucks coffeee, etc.
And SoftBank,au,docomo are names of mobile phone stores and they have internet, so please try to ask the staff if you’re in trouble,maybe they could search on internet for you. Some people can’t understand English and other languages.

English and Japanese language.
I would like to go to ...........
Watashi wa ......... e ikitai desu.

★Just looking please!


日本語版 ご案内



I have all of portrait right,ownership,and I have a copyright of photography and Lolita shops have a copyright,and you don’t have a copyright,ownership,and portrait right of mine.(╹◡╹)I bought my Lolitafashion but you don’t pay for my fashion, so you don’t have an ownership of mine.

I dislike bad manners and illegal.

I’ll delete my blog in the future without my previous note for my job and my life.